External instrument with multi timbral render in place ?!

is it possible to render in place" multi timbral hardware ?
i have a korg and Yamaha motif’, i create in cubase 2 external instruments for them.
all works when i load them in cubase and have only one channel played from them and i can render it, but what if i use more then one channel ?
say the korg (it has only one stereo output) i load it as instrument track or rack track in cubase then add more 3 midi tracks routed to it.
but only the instrument track can be rendered in place, cant render the midi tracks.
is there option to render in place all tracks connected to the external instrument ?


If you set it up as an External Instrument in the Audio Connections window, then it works the very same way, as VSTi.

So if you would select the MIDI (routed to your MOTIF or KORG) track with Channel 1 and you would Render in Place, the MIDI Track 1 would be Soloed and the Audio Return of your External Instrument. So you would hear (and Render) only MIDI Channel 1. If you would select MIDI Track 1 (Channel 1) and MIDI Track 2 (Channel 2) and Render in Place, the Render would be processed twice. First for MIDI Track 1 (Channel 1) and senior for MIDI Track 2 (Channel 2). So you would get (up to) 16 rendered Audio tracks with the individual source MIDI Tracks. Then you can mix it in Cubase asme as other Audio tracks.

i’m sure i did it and it didnt render the midi tracks (channel 2 and above) only for the “instrument track”(midi channel 1)
but i’ll check it again when in studio,if it works like you described it would be great

Doesdn"t work !
only the external " instrument track" can be renderd but not other midi tracks connected to it .
actually i dont see the “instrument track” name in the list of the midi track in output routing, just a midi device (korg pa4x) that i have and connected to hardware midi port.
maybe the problem is that i cant see my korg “instrument track” in the midi output instrument list ?
or maybe external instrument Doesdn"t suppurt multi timbral at all ?


Multi-timbral is supported with the External Instrument.

I don’t have an experience with PA4X, I have an experience with Korg Kronos only. I have to say, the setup is not easy, but it’s possible to achieve to route the data thru the KORG plug-in. Then the whole setup is much easier.

On Yamaha Motif, the overall setup is much easier and it works as expected (routing MIDI and audio thru the plug-in) from the very beginning.

Hi Martin
as far as i know,there is no “plug in” for PA4x,and for the motif es which i have,the plug in is not supported for 64 bit systems. for my MOXF 8 the render in place actually works for all midi tracks connected to its “instrument track” as long as it uses its “plug in”. but its actually not created in the audio connection window as “external instrument”.
im talking about plain “external instrument” that created in audio connection window for external devices that dont have any “plug in” made by their company (for example my kawai mp4 which is electric piano with 16 midi channel)
external instrument as far as see, supports midi multi timbral ,but not render in place for the midi tracks connected to"external instrument" track,
i have tried everything i could possibly think of.
would be good if the external instrument could be more flexible,like
1:actually render in place midi tracks connected to external instrument or/and use multiple instrument tracks of the same external instrument
2:in the external instrument setup use the same audio port (return) for more than one instrument,this way many hardware synths can be connected to hardware mixer,and can be use only 1 stereo input in the audio interface,so render in place midi tracks can be done in one go,even if your audio interface has only two line inputs.

anyway if you managed to render in place “midi” tracks that are connected to instrument track with “external instrument” i would happy to know how.

Hi -I’ve had the same issue as you have had.

There is a half solution -

  1. load your external multi timbral Instrument on an Instrument track
  2. then create midi tracks for the " other " sounds on your multi timbral synth
  3. set each of these midi tracks to the appropriate midi Rx of your multi timbral synth

Now you won’ t be able to render in place all these tracks simultaneously as you can with an Extrnal Instrument Rack with a plugin ie. Motif xf , Virus Ti but you can render each track individually AS LONG AS YOU HAVE AN EMPTY MIDI TRACK on your initial External Instrument Track and its included as part of the render process.

I hope this helps, this way you can load up more than one track on your external instrument and just mute as necessary during the render process.