External Instrument works but Bus In Audio Track does not

Hey all, this has been driving me insane for a very long time and finally need to really solve the issue now I’ve reconfigured my studio for more flexibility and not being able to use the Audio Bus In’s is really getting in the way!

Basically I have followed every tutorial or guide on how to configure an external Bus IN from my audio interface. If it helps I’m using a Motu 828x.

I can setup an external instrument perfectly fine with the appropriate audio device and in. I get sound, it works perfectly.

However when I setup a simple Bus In and then add an audio track with the in routed from that bus I hear no sound and see no levels. What I do see now is a new channel/strip in MixConsole showing the Bus In I added via VST Connections. However I cannot route where this channel output goes. It’s just a dead-end but I do see the levels as I play my external instrument.

What am I doing wrong? I feel like I’m missing something trivial!

Input monitor enabled?

Now what is your question about? Inputs or output routing?

Thanks svennilenni!

It was the “input monitor” button enabling that I was missing. I did not even notice this button next to the record icon before.

Thanks a lot!