External instruments and render in place

Hi guys and gals,

I reamped a vocal through my guitar amp. This worked as intended.

I then attempted to render a snare track from stereo to mono (snare previously rendered from groove agent sometime ago)

I recieved the message

“External plugin used. Rendering must be done in real time”.

This worked but "real time " is too slow really.

Is there a way of routing audio through external instruments while still rendering as per usual on other tracks?

Also, i bypassed the reamp send on the track and disconnected the send/returns in vst connections but this made no difference.

Any help would be greatly appreciated



If any harware is involved, the Render has to be in Real Time. There is no way aroud.

Hi martin,

Thanks for the reply.

Just to be clear…

There is no hardware involved in the snare track. Only the vocal track.

So if i use hardware on one track. I have to render in real time on every track in the project?

Cubase isn’t smart enough to do this, if there is any external instrument or external plugin used in the project.
All tracks will be forced to real-time rendering.
Well I can’t remember if disabling those tracks makes a difference, have to try when I’m in front of Cubase again, but probably not.

If it were me, after rendering the external synth real-time, I’d “Save As” CoolProjWithExternalSynth. Then delete the Track that uses the external synth. You don’t need it anymore & if you change your mind you can easily Import the Track from CoolProjWithExternalSynth

Thanks for the help guys… good to know what i have to work around. Thanks for the tip aswell… was also thinking i might export any tracks to be reamped to a different project for reamping. Then i can render to my hearts content in the first project. Will depend on the project i

Thanks again…

Great idea!