External instruments auto delay compensation

Screen Shot 2022-04-28 at 18.15.37 PM
In Bitwig it is possible to automatically measure the delay of a midi instrument (or of an external effect) and compensate it by simply pressing a button. I don’t think it is possible in Nuendo (please correct me if i’m wrong, i would love to be wrong), of course it is possible to do it manually but this function in bitwig is fantastic for me, i would love to have it in Nuendo.

Nuendo had it earlier than anybody else. :wink: Look for “External FX”.

External Effect Parameter Window


Thank you! for effects it is true it is possible (i never tried it in Nuendo because 90% of time i use this in bitwig for external synthesizers) but i can’t do it for an external midi synthesizer which is what interests me the most, or is there a way to send a midi note and measure and compensate the delay automatically?

The main question is about the External MIDI instruments, as the title says. Thank you.