External Instruments not working in C12

Ive been having issues with trying to get my external instruments to receive midi in C12 . It doesn’t matter what i do , using midi notes or the keyboard the instrument will not receive midi . IF i add a midi track below with the corresponding midi port the then instrument track starts to receive midi which defeats the point of having instrument tracks . any help would be grateful , has the workflow changed since C11 as i hate to say it but they work fine there ?


As an input of the Instrument track I can something MkII. What MIDI Input is it, please?

The midi is my Novation sl mk 11 which works perfect for midi i’o’s and as you can see ive also programmed middle C3 note and nothing gets transmitted even in the midi monitor
for the instrument track

What i don’t understand is why the audio asio is a ‘return buss’ , there’s no audio going to the external instrument only midi and in this case nothings working


Do you have the proper audio cabling?

I hope so Martin , it’s the same setup ive been using with Cubase for the last 10’s on this setup . Midi and audio tracks work perfectl . Im using a midi and audio track at the moment due to the ext instr not working , no problems with my interfaces of connections


Can you verify if the MIDI data is sent to the hardware (for example you can hear the sound in the headphones), please?

No there’s nothing being sent via Ext in BUT if i add a separate midi channel then ext in starts working , it’s weird, ive always used ext inst for all my rack gear, i think i’ll make a video and show you the issue , but midi and an audio track works perfect with my hardware but since 12 the ext’s don’t


micro lite: Port 4 is the MIDI Port, you are using for your HW synth, right?

Ext. Instruments work fine for me on 12.0.0 and 12.0.4.
Can you explain the above? Do you mean your Instrument track to the Doepfer starts to work when you create a dummy midi track?

Yes i’m using my Doepfer modular via the motu midi interface

Yes , it then receives midi as it’s supposed to and if i delete the midi track the ext instrument tract stop receiving and transmitting midi

i can confirm same problem in Cubase 12.
It works perfectly in Cubase 11 but C12 does not send midi to external instrument!

My externals work as they should now , it was ME not going through all the steps properly , when it comes to making the assignment of the midi you need to make the midi device first , then close that part , reselect and then assign the midi ports , i do believe the behaviour changed and they have added one more step but it does work , you just need to be careful and close the midi device and reopen and then assign the ports , strange but it does work