External Instruments' presets in Media Bay

Hi all,

I have presets set up for all my hardware synths in Cubase. I’d like to save those presets in Media Bay like we do for software instruments. The only way I have found to do this is to save a track preset with the synth patch selected in it.

Does anyone else do this? Is there another way to save external instruments’ patch info in Media Bay?

I setted the presets of my external instruments in their according device definitions which can be created in the MIDI device manager. This, precisely to avoid using Mediabay with which I still don’t feel at ease at all, even 7 years after its implementation in Cubase 4…

The result is that I have all the presets needed in the program selector of the inspector for each of my three external instruments. Clear, efficient and no Mediabay in the way, but I admit that setting all this up is tedious. This is, IMO, the best way to do things if you don’t edit often the presets of your external instrument or, better said, you don’t have to change often their name and/or position in your external instrument memory.

Otherwise, I’m afraid that the trackpresets are indeed the way to go, as the vstpresets are not at our disposal for external instruments. Why so ? Guess we should ask Steiny… There are so much quirks and problems using non VST3 plug-ins/devices presets with Mediabay that I ended up avoiding its use as much as I can.