External Instruments

Testing the M3000 HD melotron on a 3rd gen iPad. Using Audiobus (2) it works, but once that audio instrument track is created, how do you properly link to a MIDI track?

It works for playback (MIDI plays the M3000 fine) but I can’t mixdown. Or freeze. Just end up with blank files.

If I tap the Instruments button on the MIDI track I see the Steinberg instruments like Micrologue, Inter App (it’s not there either) but not the M3000.

TIA for any help.



Cubasis provides full support for Audiobus 3, Audio Unit and Inter-App Audio.
Please note, that it depends on the instrument app manufacturer what formats and/or options are supported.

I’d suggest to get in touch with Omenie Limited, to find out what external formats are supported by the instrument.

Hope that helps.