External instruments

Hey everyone
I do hope someone can help shed some light on my problem. I have Cubase 5 with an M-Audio firewire soundard. Linked to the soundcard I have a couple of external instruments, these are set up in the correct way via the vst connection menu. The problem I have is that there is a lag of about 32nd note between the external and internal instruments.
I have been reading the manual regarding “delay compensation” and have made alterations within the “vst connections” and “external instruments” tab, but these have made no change whatsoever.
My souncards buffer size is 768 samples so I dont think there is an issue there.
I know that this is surely a simple fix but am quite honestly banging my head on my mixing desk trying to solve it…please help me!!

There’s a Restrain Delay Compensation button at the top of the Project Window, dis-able it. Internal insts. are compensated for latency, external not.

Thank you for your help, this worked a treat :slight_smile:

Is there a way of ASIO Direct Monitoring external Instruments?