external intruments

hey people.

I have this problem and have tried a lot at this time, could really use some help. I’m a relatively new user and jumped on the train in version 5.

The issue is, when i use an external instrument and it’s time for recording the sound to an actual track.
I have no problem setting up an ex-intrumenttrack, sending midi to the device and receiving the sound, or that’s just it.
I can hear it, i can see the stereo sound on the midi track but theres no record button? i have manually routed the sound out and in again but get’s a bit of delay that is really trouble to fix.

I have so much midi material from other programs (reason / record). The sound of cubase is just better (and more expensive) and i would like to find an easy way to import these midi files, find a proper sound, playing it back while tweaking the buttons and finaly record it without delay.

Is this possible? if so, please HELP.

kind regards
Morten dk
cubase 5
fireface 800