External MIDI audio working, Internal audio is not-RESOLVED

So this is my problem, I have a Nord Lead 2x as my external synthesizer connected to my M-Audio FastTrack C400, the 2 MIDI tracks are the 2 NL2 tracks (both titled NL2 Melody), now when I hit playback, I’m only getting sound from the 2 external MIDI tracks from the NL2, the rest of the internal tracks are not getting sound at all.

Some things that may help you figure out my problem are, before I had this problem I tried automating the frequency cutoff on one of my external MIDI tracks, I tried doing this right in cubase from showing automation and it being set to “volume” the default. Instead of doing the cutoff it was a volume automation. So I’m not sure if this perhaps messed with the volume of the other tracks, and I wouldn’t think so because I removed the automation tracks AND I closed the project without saving and reopened it. Problem still persists.

Another thing, I open up the Mixer and it shows the volume levels all fine, so it shows that it is playing, but no volume. I added a picture to show the volume levels, I circled the tracks that currently have no volume playback in red, and circled the external MIDI tracks that are playing back fine in green.

Cubase has been doing great for me and I have never encountered a problem up until now.

Sorry, figured it out, for whatever reason the main ASIO device was switched without me switching it.