External midi CC being ignored on FX

Midi control of FX on instrument channels - please help!

I’m trying to get midi controllers to alter fx on instrument channels.

I have a Halion Sonic instrument (Guitar sound)

I then have Guitar Rig 5 as an insert FX on the above instrument.

I’m using a Wah sound - and I want to automate the wah sound with an external controller (CC#-17)

But: ALL cc information is ignored on insert FX
I select the parameter on GR5 - press learn - nothing!

What do I have to do to get this working in Cubase?
(It works with GR5 in stand alone)

I can see that my external controller is working using the midi monitor

I can even record the CC info to track

But either turning the external control - or using recorded control data - this data is simply not being passed to the target I want to modulate in real time.

Any help or suggestions would be most welcome.



Route signal directly to separate FX channel

Set automation to write - press play and twiddle the parameters that you want to modulate in real time
These automated parameters are now visible

Set these to QC (quick controls) - and it’s all ‘good to go’