External midi CC for Zoom?

It’s nice that I can use an external midi controller for some of the key commands.


it would be really useful if I could set up 2 external controllers to control both the horizontal and vertical zoom.
(e.g. cc16 and cc17)

Is this already possible?


This should be possible, as these parameters are controllable:

OK - thanks for that

I’ve got it working - but it seems very crude - not quite the behavior I was expecting

I’ll keep experimenting

At the moment cc values below 64 jump to full zoom
I then have to go to CC value 0 every time before I can zoom to an appropriate value
As soon as I decrease the value again - it immediately jumps to full zoom

It doesn’t seem to be graduated with CC control values

Perhaps this could be an option?

It can work very well. But the control expects relative values (infinite knob).
I don’t know if you have access to a CC-121, but this works well this way.

How about the CMC-AI


does it work well with this?

It could, but there is single button. Is it what you want to use?

When I’m editing audio files in Wavelab

or Mixing in Cubase

I have a Wacom (Large Bamboo) pen in my right hand

and I use an Akai MPKmini for my left hand - which is used for sending control info

In Wavelab: I’m zooming and selecting with the Wacom into the area of the file I wish to edit
then I’m using note on from the mpk to place the markers

There are times when it would make more sense to scroll the Zoom with the controllers on the mpk

As you say: The “Remote control devices” uses ‘relative’ values
It would be nice to have an option of ‘absolute’ values - with the addition of scaling and min and max values
(min and max values can be set on the mpk ext contrl)


I use different workspaces a lot too

Is there an option to save / restore the ‘zoom’ value for a workspace?

It’s not really possible to use absolute values for zooming, because each file has different zoom-out maximum setting, according to its size. Relative value means: the zoom increases/decreases by a certain factor each time a positive/negative controller event happens. This needs infinite knobs: a rotation on the left sends a negative value, and a rotation on the right sends a positive value. Do you have such knob?

The zoom setting is stored per file, not per workspace. How would you imagine using a “restore zoom” function? (via presets?)

Just chiming in here and thinking out loud: Couldn’t there be a number of user predefined zoom levels that are based on audio length in viewable area? Let’s say 20 or 2 seconds in view per 1000 pixels wide, or any other value. I’d like that especially for the wave editor, and more specifically when comparing two different files. It’s probably easier to come up with than to implement…

There are already presets such at 1:1 or full in or out. Hence this is a good idea indeed to add other presets such as 2 sec, 10 sec, etc… with shortcut possibilities.


After giving this some thought

Some user defined zoom presets - that can be instantly recalled using key commands / midi note-on commands

would work much better than the cc scrolling and zooming

Zoom presets based on display time: don’t know why I did not think about that earlier…


Great stuff!!

Also - on a related note

In cubase in the key editor
placing the cursor on the left hand side and dragging - changes the vertical zoom
(in the same way as placing the cursor above the waveform and dragging down increases the horizontal zoom in wavelab)
Could we have the same in Wavelab too?
(see attached)

Also - having used this to get to the desired level of zoom

  • could we then commit that to a preset?

In wavelab:
hope that makes sense?



Heh heh, same here… Glad you like it.

And I like Dave’s idea for vertical zoom too, though dragging the ‘wheel’ on the right hand side is already better than previous WL versions. Basically, anything that prevents the user to find a tiny control with the mouse is an improvement I think.

I still find that the best way to deal with zooming is to click on the timeline and drag up and down. This is after trying several hotkeys for zooming in and out. Although I try to assign as much as possible to hotkeys, there’s just something more immediate (and accurate) about using the mouse for this particular task. (I’m talking about dragging in the timeline itself, not on the scroll wheels on the side of the display).

I do have a hotkey for zoom full out, and it gets used constantly. Load in a file, zoom full out to see all of it. After using the mouse to zoom in and make an edit, zoom full out. Combining these two approaches gets me where I need to go much faster than an incremental +/- assignment for zooming. Sometimes you just have to give in to the mouse :wink:

One obvious benefit of the click/drag timeline approach I forgot to mention – the zoom point conforms to the location of the click without shifting the display. If you use the scroll wheel or a hotkey however, it will slide the waveform in the display to center it around the cursor.


Horizontal Zoom is a winner (drag on the time-line)

We just need something similar for Vertical Zoom - which Cubase already has.

Also - assigning hotkeys for ‘preset’ zoom amounts (like full zoom out which we have already) - for both vertical and horizontal zoom - based on the cursor position will also be incredibly helpful