External Midi Controllers Recording/MidiThru Problem


I just installed my new 7.5 version of Cubase, and everything looks great and works fine, but I have one problem…

When I create a new midi track, and set it to an external synth (or VST), I will be able to play it on my external midi keyboard, and use the pitch bend, and mod wheel. So far so good.

Now the problem:
When I use a controler on the same midi keyboard, e.g. Filter Cutoff (cc74) this controller seems not to be forwarded to my (VST) synth.

Although, The controller signal is showing up in the transport windows MIDI Monitor as it should when I turn the knob on my keyboard, but NOT on the MIDI Monitor in the active midi track. (The Pitchbend is)

How can I solve this?

Some things I’ve checked already are:

  • MIDI Thru is on
  • Global MIDI Filter is set to only filter SYSEX.
  • My keyboard is sending the controller changes (checked with an external midi monitor as well)
  • It worked before in Cubase SX3

Thanks in advance for your help!

Regards Tom

Hi Tom and welcome- I see this is your first post.
I am not the best qualified person to help with this, but I am the first.
There are a couple ways to control parameter of a VST from your keyboard controller.

If you just want to quickly get control of a “knob” on a synth, right-clicking usually give you a “learn cc” option. Choose that and move the slider on your keyboard.

The other way is to set up VST quick controls and Track Quick controls by going to DEVICES> DEVICE SETUP. It’s explained in the manual. Then every sound you call up will have its 8 quick controls assigned to your keyboard’s sliders.

I believe the issue here is that even though your keyboard sends out cc74, the VST probably doesn’t assign its filter to the same controller. So it has to be either learned or re-mapped.
If anything I told is not right, I apologize, and hope some else will correct me.

Philskeys has touched upon the problem (I think), but I think the probem actually lies within Track Quick Controls and/or VST Quick Controls. If those CC#s are being used as control inputs for either of those, then they are “swallowed up”, and to not get sent through to your regular MIDI outputs.