External MIDI doesn't start when recording

Hi, not sure if this is a bug or if I’m doing something wrong.

When I press play in Cubasis, my external dum machine starts as expected.
However, when I press record, the drum machine won’t start playing. It still receives the note information, but not the start/play instruction.


Try turning off the preroll

Exactly, but is there any reason why it shouldn’t work with preroll on?


Is there a reason why MIDI devices don’t get a start command when using pre-roll?

As it only occurs when using recording preroll it doesn’t sound like a MIDI Start problem (or it wouldn’t start normally). Its probably therefore a problem with the SPP.

Maybe add a couple of empty bars for the preroll instead. Not a fix I know but is the usual way to workaround this type of problem.

Yeah I know, I was just wondering if there’s a reason for it to work like this or if it can be considered a bug.

Yes I think it’s a bug. I just ran a few tests and you are right - it only seems to be a problem with external hardware, virtual MIDI works fine. Tested using preroll on FunkBox, DrumJam, MoDrum and Boom 909. All started just fine. Tested with TR-8, TB-3, TT-303 and Volca Bass and none of them started at end of preroll. I’ve also found that there’s not a problem if you only use 1-bar of preroll, so it only occurs when using 2, 3 or 4 bars. I can see from my external machines start/stop lights that a brief message is received at the beginning of the preroll, but anything more than 1-bar of preroll and they won’t start. Steinberg, can you confirm?


thank you for bringing this to our attention. At the moment I can not confirm this as a general issue until further investigation. We will get back to you as soon as I have more information. :wink:


Hi All,

It’s not reproducible here, so I can’t confirm this issue.

My Testsetup :

  1. Connect Cubasis via Midimate II into external Hardware “Korg Electribe SX” or “Yamaha Motif ES8” to midi in/out
  2. Activate on setup " Send midi Clock " and Precount " 4 Bars "
  3. Activate in Rec Mode " Roll & Count " or only “Roll”
  4. Jump to bar 1 and start in playback or record mode
    Result : “Korg Electribe SX” and “Yamaha Motif ES8” started every time on right song position in active rec mode

We need an detailed step by step description,
because i can’t confim this “External MIDI doesn’t start when recording” issue.

best Jan