External Midi Instruments / Midi overload / latency?

Weird one this.

I’ve recently switched from a different DAW to a new PC & cubase. All the attached hardware gear, cabling, audio & midi cabling & PC souncard is unchanged - all thats new is the PC & Cubase.

I used to be able to get at least 10+ tracks of midi & vsts no bother. If I added more tracks I could tell the midi timing was starting to drift so I bought a midisport to spread the load (not setup yet tho)

so I’m still in the early stages of cubase setup teething problems really - just trying to get low latency & the ability to play & record audio from external synths & vsts - the basics…

I can’t for the life of me find the article but I made some changes to Win7 & my Pc bios to speed up Pc for audio as per advice on forums (the old cubase one I think)

strangely, with a beefy Pc, it struggles to cope with less midi tracks than on my old PC before latency issues creep in

I can run Cubase, load a project & before I hit play have what seems like low latency (in & out=2ish) - instant response when I play external synths. As soon as I hit play on a project it goes pear shaped quite quickly


Have about 6 tracks setup in a project; mainly External Midi synths plus 2 VSTs

Before hitting play in Cubase, I can click on each midi track and hear audio from the attached synths when I hit the keyboard

As soon as I do hit play I hear audio from most of the tracks but one of the attached midi synths refuses to make a noise??

Hit stop. click on the offending track & when I play the keyboard it plays back instantly?!? Surely I should be able to have a huge track count now with the spec of my Pc

Midi worked fine using my old crappy Pc & a different Daw so this setup should blow it out of the water…

I will add the midisport to double up my available midi channels at some point but I want to see at least equivalent performance first - I’m sure it must be a configuration issue somewhere causing this bottleneck…

I’m on the latest drivers available for my 24/96 soundcard

I do have AVG Free anti virus installed & running but I have reduced the loaded options as far as I can. I used to have this running on my old Pc too and that managed to cope ok

Hope someone can help! :confused:

Have you tried an alternative MIDI interface?

Thx for your input

No but it’s been working fine for years; admittedly on win XP but these are proper official M-Audio Win 7 64 Bit drivers which have been released a while - should be ok I’d have thought?

Don’t have another MIDI interface to try either - hmm