external midi sound module and komplete audio 6 interface

Ive recently bought a roland se-02 synth and Im trying to incorporate it into my setup. I have a Komplete Audio 6 interface. The MIDI out of the Komplete is plugged into the MIDI in of the SE-02 and the MIDI in of the Komplete is plugged into the MIDI out of the SE-02.

I have a MIDI channel track using the Komplete Audio 6 MIDI for input & output. The MIDI channel is set to ‘Any’.

I have a Keylab 61 mk11 keyboard controller. Pressing a key shows activity in cubase, but no sound comes from the SE-02.

Ive installed the MIDI-OX MIDI monitor and it shows no MIDI activity when I press a key. The MIDI In & Out lights on the Komplete are both green but dont flash to show activity. If I plug the Keylab directly into the SE-02, it works OK. So my MIDI isnt being routed out. What am I doing wrong here ? Can anyone help ?

Depending on what version of Cubase you have you have to make Cubase aware of the incoming audio. You can do this by opening the Audio Connections window or by pressing F4. Here you can configure audio inputs or external devices (Pro only).

  1. Did you install the midi driver for the Audio Interface?

  2. Plug your controller keyboard directly into the interface midi IN port to see if you get midi input into the midi port

  3. In the Inspector you should be selecting the Keylab as your midi input and the SE- 02 as the midi output port. Make sure the OUTPUT midi channel matches the Roland as well

  4. In Cubase under Studio/Studio Setup/Midi Port Setup, is the Kompletes interface MIDI port showing up there? IF not then the midi driver is not installed for your interface

  5. To control the Roland you need to: 1. Make a MIDI track, 2. Set the MIDI IN as the Keylab, 3. Set the MIDI OUT as the Roland, create an AUDIO track for the Roland, 4. Run audio cables from the Roland to your interface, 5. Turn the MONITOR button ON on the Audio track so you can hear the output of the Roland

thats sorted it now, got it working. Thank you so much for your help

You are welcome