External Mixer and Fader probelms

Hello, I have a ZOOM R16 that I am using with Cubase 7 full version on a Windows 7 machine and can not figure out how to get the channel faders in a project with more than 8 channels to not jump when I switch banks. I have read that with the CMC- FD that there is a feature called catch which keeps the faders from moving until the hardware fader reaches the exact level as what is displayed in Cubase. I am looking for this exact same type of feature with my Mixer. Is there any setting in Cubase that you can configure to have the faders react in this way. I have looked in Preferences and in The controller setup section and can’t find anyway to set this kind of thing up. Obviously it may not be possible. Also my mixer is setup as Mackie Control and I am wondering if using it as a generic remote might help solve this issue. Any help is appreciated. Bryan