External MONO effect routing [solved]

When I try to assign external mono effects the assignment (in VST connections) is not saved. It works with stereo effects. With mono effects, when y quit Nuendo and then start it again it has lost the assignments of the mono effects.

When I edit the file where the assignement is stored manually and start Nuendo, it also “forgets” the routing.

My setup:
Nuendo 6.0.6 / 64Bit, Win7 Pro/x64, RME HSDP MADI

I experience similar issues.

Sometimes Nuendo remembers the routing of my devices in the External FX-tab of the VST Connections Window, but then, all of a sudden it forgets it……….I’ve had this from the first moment I worked with Nuendo (from 5.0)……….
I use 2 Distressors as External FX, sometimes 2x mono, sometimes stereo.

Niek/ Amsterdam.

I have this issue since 6.0.6 (64Bit and 32Bit). Before this it worked fine.

I figured it out. It was a problem with the newest driver for my RME HDSP MADI (I have seen this in the RME forum and it seems that this problem occurs with all other RME MADI-drivers too):
In my case the mono effect routings are all with channels greater than channel #32. Eg channel 56, 57 and so on. Now RME introduced an option with the latest driver which is called “32 channel limit”. This option reduces the number of I/O channels to 32 (for PT), if checked. Because of this driver problem you have to check and uncheck this option after the installation/update of the driver, if you don’t want to limit to 32 channels, even if this option is unchecked. When you don’t do this, Nuendo sometimes sees only the first 32 (#1 - #32) channels and because of this it cannot know the other channels (#33 - #64). So it deletes the assignment of the routing.

Because it was a driver problem I deleted “[ISSUE]” in the subject.