External plug-in not showing?

I’m trying to set up a Lexicon MX300 unit as an External FX using S/PDIF connections.

  1. In the VST Connections window I added an external FX and set up mono send and return busses using S/PDIF L and S/PDIF R, respectively, as Device Port.
  2. I’ve added an FX Channel track and now I’d like to insert the Lexicon as an External Plug-in on this channel, but…

I can’t select it. Does this have something to do with the collection I made using Plug-in Manager? Would that exclude external plug-ins from popping up?


Yes, as said. New plugins don’t automatically go into all or any collections so you have to add them manually.

Personally, I like the Logic approach: in the menu of effects they always have a folder at the bottom containing all plugins in their original folders.

They could do with adding a button in the effects popup to directly open the Plugin Manager - that’d reduce the frustration when you forget to add it manually!!