External-Plug-ins, displaying wrong signal!


Can someone explain to me why the “External- Plug-ins” that are created to use hardware as insert, generate an output signal with more level on the left side?

I’m almost sure it’s an issue of “External-plugin”, since I tested turning off the physical hardware and leaving only the “External-plugin” enabled and is generating the same issue.

The test was made with help of the plugin “Test Generator” from Cubase which displays equal signal coming out from both, left right when “External Plugin” is disabled.

Is not my Audio interface since I checked in different “in(s)” and “out(s)” from 1-2 to 7-8

Can anyone confirm this problem?

Thank you in advance.

The external plugin doesn´t “generate” an output signal with more level on the left side, it “generates” equal levels on the send and on the return bus, as long as it is fed with equal levels. If it doesn´t do that for you, you are probably doing something wrong.
And you seem to be posting in the wrong forum - if your issue is with 9.5.50, then the correct forum to post this is there

how big is the difference?
3dB then one of your cables is not balanced

I’m sorry, but this is the right forum, as I’m interested in knowing if this issue is happening at Cubase 10 as well for the purpose of reporting it as a problem if so. No wonder you’re not a moderator… but thank you for your advice.

With regard to your assumptions, I’m not doing anything wrong… I have all connected as should be in my hardware.

BTW: I know that the external plugin does not “generate”, I used the incorrect word and I meant the signal that passes through…

all my cables are balanced It is probably less than 1 db… at first I also thought that it was the cables, but that is not the reason… I have tested changing them from one position to another and I have tried different cables…

I would say it’s your hardware connections then as my Spl’s are working perfectly as external Fx in 10.5.20 . delay pinged back at 43ms
all level are fine on all 3 of the units

Thanks, I solved it, definitely not the cables or connections as I mentioned twice. I just got an answer from SSL support and they mentioned that is the way his unit reacts, which can be compensated with a multi-mono Trim plug or analogue equipment with discrete left/right gain stages… I wonder why they didn’t incorporate this on their unit, but well it’s part of…

Anyway, I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t a Cubase/ plugin problem and that’s why I came here too. Greetings!

I highly doubted it anyway, you could do something wrong. But the fact that you knew it was not your hardware, and i knew it was not cubase, led to this belief. It´s not so easy if you have wrong or insufficient info provided. Fortunately it indeed was not Cubase.