External plugin not behaving

So, I upgraded from 10.5 to 11, and now when I add an external plugin on the master bus it breaks all the plugins after it. It also stops the master meter from showing anything. Works fine with all hardware setup exactly the same on 10.5. Anyone else see this? Again, the external plugin is a Manley Vari-mu. It passes audio fine, but if I put a plugin after it, they do nothing, show nothing on their meters, and stop the master bus meter from showing anything.

I haven’t encountered that problem with internal or exterrnal plugins - at least not yet e.g.

p.s. I don’t have Manley Vari-mu

It works fine with regular plugins. I can load up the master bus. With just the external plugin and one regular after it, it causes the issues. If I put it second, and the regular plugin first, it works fine. I’m stumped. Never had an issue before 11.

at least you have a workaround by using the trick with a builtin plugin first

Nobody else has seen this issue?

I use external plugins(comps, eq’s) in C11 without this issue, i always use further plugins after my external ones, f.e. A limiterplugin.

Well, I don’t know why, but now it’s working fine. Didn’t change anything, so I’m not sure what was happening before - just glad it’s working now!

it is working now, because 2020 is over :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: