External Sound Library Location - implementation and good practice

Dear Forum,

being on MacBook M1 externalizing some sound Libs.
I created a folder, where I copied the whole sound files for dorico in the Finder per drag and drop.

Questions here appear, if Library manager can regognize an existing folder intelligently itself, which has not been going through the routine in Download manager?

However, What is good practice here?


I’m not quite sure what you’re asking, but if you want to move your samples, then you should use the Steinberg Library Manager.


Can I relocate a (manually) moved sound folder with Library Manager (LM)?
There is the option to change the default location. Does it recognize the folder on a different location itself? i.e. Can I assign a different location to LM?


Does the LM only allow moves that are controlled from within LM

→ Whenever LM loses track of the sound location the whole installation process (Downloading large data amount) would probably be necessary, worst case scenario…

Please let Steinberg Library Manager (SLM) do the job of moving for you. That is the safest way.
If it is a new library that the SLM never “saw” before, yes, it is possibles, you double click on one of the *.vstsound files and then everything in that same folder will get registered and tracked by SLM.
Everything else, like e.g. manually moving libraries to other locations will confuse the SLM and result in sounds or presets not being able to get loaded any more.
SLM has a purpose, so please use it accordingly.


Ulf! the thing with the double click for registering is a nice option. I did that once from the downloadfolder before. then it was installed to the appropriate location.

Works like a charm with registering and letting LM “see” the sound files new external location
I understand that moving with the LM is directive#1, okay.

THX again!!

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