External sound module in cubase studio 4


Am I correct in thinking that it is not possible to play via midi an external piano in cubase studio 4? And if this is incorrect - any ideas on how to do it? And if correct - which version do I need to upgrade to?



It is possible just the same way, you get any external sound into Cubase. Connect the external piano´s audio outputs to your soundcard inputs, set up an audio track, assign the correct inputs - send MIDI from Cubase to the external piano.

Thanks for the reply - but I think this may only be possible in cubase - not cubase studio. Page 20 of my manual says - “External instruments (cubase only)” - and goes on to mention an external instruments tab in the VST connections window. Well - there appears to be no such tab in my version.

Have I missed the point? Is there another way to do this?

You can use an external sound module with CS4, you have to create a midi track to send notes to the hardware instrument and an audio track (just like you would do if you were to record a guitar) to listen and record it. The full version of Cubase offers also the possibility to create an instrument track with an external instrument, so you can have just one track with both midi and audio, but you can definitely live without this function and use the old “instrument rack”-like procedure (which has indeed some advantages: you can have only one track of an external instrument, while you can have multiple midi and audio tracks and record in a more passages).

Thanks for the reply - I carried on experimenting and worked it out before I saw your reply - which makes perfect sense. Unlike the manual which manages to confuse and misinform in spectacular fashion by trying to cover both the cut down and full versions of the software.

Only problem is I’m getting very erratic delays and glitches so that is something else to investigate.