External SRC - how to in Cubase or something else?

Needing two extra analog inputs I am looking at a cool unit Behringer Ultramatch SRC2496 - and thought I could use it for both A/D and sampe rate conversion 48k->44k as well.

Can you do this with Cubase - SRC I mean - it converts all input to project sample rate as I understand.

I think Reaper record and import everything in any sample rate and resample when played back, but not sure how my audio interface handle this with two sample rates or use a second non-asio interface.
Or maybe I have to do between two computers?
When I rip audio from DVD player I do that, using spdif input on my old daw.

Anybody do this with external stuff?



Not familiar with the SRC2 product but if I understand the question; you’re basically wanting to know if Cubase can convert between sample rates?
If so, you can go into the Project Setup and set the Sample rate as required to any sample rate you’d like.

But if your question is regarding the control the sample rate coming into Cubase from the audio interface; I can’t really provide an answer for you there.

I am running on a Mac and within the MIDI / Audio Control area on a mac you can actually set the sample conversion rates for each audio interface attached to the system to whatever the rates the external device supports. Not certain if this is something that you can do on a Windows PC but you may want to check it out to see.

Sorry I can’t offer much more input on the question. :frowning:

Thank you.
Just curious about quality of hardware in this SRC field compared to what is built into Cubase.
Cubase do worse in SRC than most:

Too much even in audible range, I think. Cubase distortion in green.

If it at all can be done in a smooth way with good quality hardware.

If an advantage I can get the two extra analog input I need, as well as better SRC - two birds with one stone with that unit.
Otherwise the Behringer ADA8200 interface seems better, getting full 8 extra inputs for external midi gear.