External Stereo Effect / FX Send question


I have one question regarding the internal processing of FX Send channels:
Imagine I have set up an external stereo → stereo effect (amp modeler for example which can model two seperate amp lines for left and right to make the situation clear and transparent). On a stereo channel as an insert it should work perfect. On a mono channel (one clean mono guitar signal) it should not show up as an insert since this is a stereo effect - fair enough.
But I can also set it up as an FX send, which I can feed from a mono channel (mono clean guitar). Since the external effect input is connected as stereo (2 channels), what am I supposed to hear now … my two amp lines left and right since the mono signal is put on left and right channel (copied ??), or just the left amp line or just the right one?
Or to make the question short… how is a mono signal treated on a FX send whose effect usually needs two inputs (left and right) ??



If you’re sending to a stereo FX channel then you can also pan the send signal - the Panning tab at the bottom of the Sends panel on the Track Editor. Then in the Track Editor of the FX channel itself you can also change the routing of the insert FX, click the Routing tab at the bottom of the Inserts panel. That should do all you need I think. By default it’s all panned centered.


Hi Mike,

many many thanks for your reply !! Actually the Pan slider for the Send should do the trick… the routing of the insert effect on the FX channel can’t be altered (stereo in to stereo out, no reaction when I press on any arrows). So that means that both channels of the FX will always be ready for use and with the Send Pan I can choose which one in particular…

Many thanks again,