External synth and vsti

What do I need to do to be able to simultaneously work with vsti and my korg m3 internal sounds? I have an m-audio fasttrack c400 audio interface which is connected to my computer via usb, to my m3 via midi in/out and audio connections, as well as to my monitor speakers… My speakers play the vsti but not the m3 sounds…do I need an external mixer or can my interface help mo out? Any special settings in cubase?

If you set it up right It’ll work!

Midi track to M3 midi in, audio M3 out to sound card in, cubase connections setup correctly, stereo channel created correct channel inputs selected and in record monitor… off you go.

Covered in detail in the getting started manual. :stuck_out_tongue:

…but that’s te way I set up my system…doesn’t seem to work anyhow :cry:

You are using a MIDI track and not an Instrument track to send midi to the M3?

Tried both…which one should I use? Thx for your help

You should use a MIDI track as an Instrument track cannot send MIDI to an external port.

Interface MIDI out to M3 MIDI in and M3 MIDI out to interface MIDI in

M3 audio outs to interface audio ins

Unfortunately this still doesn’t work…maybe it is not about the hardware connection but about keyboard or cubase settings… Anybody has an idea here? Thanks!! Martin

Do you get any activity on the meters when you play the M3 directly?

Yes, I see the meters moving on the transport panel and next to my MIDI track when playing a note - but no sound at all :cry:

To be more precise: When playing a Vsti instrument on an instrument track I see Midi IN and audio OUT activity on the transport panel meters. When trying to play my M3 on a MIDI channel I see Midi IN and OUT activity but no Audio activity (which makes sense as I don’t hear anything)

Assuming you have connected the Audio (not midi) from the M3 to The Interface.

Have you selected the correct ASIO driver for your sound card?
Then set up input and output connections
Then created an Audio Track in Cubase and assigned the correct inputs
Then put that Audio Track into Monitor mode.

Otherwise you will not hear the M3.

Connections: MIDI In/Out from M3 to Audio interface MIDI Out/In, M3 Audio out L/R into audio interface Line Inputs 1-2, Audio Interface Line Outputs to Monitors, Audio Interface connected via USB to PC.
Also I have selected dedicated ASIO driver.
Input/Output connections: Under VST Connections Input I can see my fasttrack C400 - analog input 1 and 2, under Output I see analog output 1 and 2.

Initially I thought I could create a MIDI track, playing and recording MIDI notes on my keyboard, being processed by Cubase, brought back into the M3 being transformed into Audio and sent back into the audio interface & monitors. Do In need to set up audio recording to be able to use the M3 or can it also be MIDI. But even if I set up an audio track & have settings to input routing stereo in and output routing stero out, I can’t hear anything even with monitor mode on. In fact, I can monitor the Midi Activity In meter, but no audio activity ?? Very confusing to me :frowning:

go post some screen shots of all the relevant bits we just talked about please.

Attached some example screenshots

…and 2 more…

cool, but I cant actually read them as the resolution is to low!

ok… thanks…let me try again…

hope this works now… they might be out of order though :slight_smile:

and the final two.

That’s better, it all looks fine, are you using W7 (64bit) or XP(64bit)

Can you try a different input source other than the M3?

Or make absolutely sure you are routing sounds out of the M3 to the correct output jacks?