External Synth as VST-Instrument

Is it possible to do this in cubase 5?

Add a MIDI track and record to it from an external Keyboard (yamaha psr-730), then play back the track through a virtual instrument (like the Yamaha PSR-730 provided with Cubase 5) via stereo out.

If it is possible could someone give me some pointers.

Thanks Mike

hi mike

you can record any midi enabled synth in to cubase on a midi track and then play the midi part back to your keyboard or assign it to a vst instrument of your choice ,all you need to do is set up the required midi channels for send and receive but the audio of the vst instrument will come out of your soundcard and not out of the psr-730 ,the prs is 16 part multi so you can record 16 tracks of midi and either use your keyboard for playback or vst instruments no problem

hope this gives you some idea