external synth goes out of sync if i change channels

im having a issue with my modal craftsynth 2 its receiving midi and playing back if Im working on that channel but the second I try and do anything else it goes way way out of sync so its useless.

ive contacted modal and they said they cant help me because its a Steinberg problem not theres but im not having this problem with any of my other external gear just this one…
any help thanks


How is this Craftsynth 2 synchronised with Cubase?

usb cable.


Is there any real synchronisation? Like via MIDI, MTC…?

hi mate no its not like I have a sequence on my external synth and im trying to trigger it via Cubase…whats happening is ive got midi notes which ive recorded into Cubase and the sound they are playing are coming from the external synth …if im staying on that one channel the notes are playing back ok but if I try and work on another track or another vst then the midi on that channel getting sent to my external synth goes way out of time to get it too sync back and play in time I have to highlight the channel containg the midi notes going to my external synth.


That’s really strange. You can add a MIDI Monitor MIDI Insert to the track to check the timing correctness on the output side of Cubase.

If you say it works with other hardware (and I can’t imagine, this could be a general bug in Cubase, if this would be the case, the forum would be full of the reports already), I would guess it’s more on the hardware side. Or a driver (is it connected via USB)?

hi ive checked and its my other external synths which are connected via usb too…ive contacted modal/ik multimedia they’ve said the issue is Steinberg not them ive contacted Steinberg but as always they take months too reply.


Are there a bit more specific? What’s wrong on Cubase side? Can the reproduce it?

Could you try different USB port?

Are these single notes or are you triggering an Arp sequence on the synth? If you’re triggering an Arp then it could be the tempo needs to be matched to the same as the Cubase tempo, or set the arp to retrigger mode.

hi thanks for the replys…heres a quick update…

ive got two devices (ik multimedia uno/modal craftsynth 2)both are powered by usb and receiving /trasmiting midi via usb.
when im trying to use them in Cubase im getting laggy behaviour.
if I create a new midi only channel and set them to the devices and use my controller keyboard to play them and record the midi they play ok and don’t lag .
but if I load up a instrument channel load up the corresponding vsts (uno vst/modal vst)and use them so I can edit the sounds on the devices and use my controller keyboard to play them then that’s were the issues start…if im only on that instrument channel then they play the notes back perfectly no lag but the second I move onto another channel or close the modal vst down the notes go laggy and out of sync so I then have to click back onto there channel and it goes back in sync.
im not using arps or on board sequences im just using them to play back notes ive recorded into Cubase this is why I cant understand why its doing this…in all my years ive never had this problem its really weird.
im thinking it could be a midi filter issue but not sure.

hope someone can help.

I can’t test this, because I just sold my Uno (which I enjoyed very much), but It reminds me of a MIDI local issue. Setup a MIDI monitor or use MIDIOx to make sure you’re not going out of sync because of duplicated messages. I don’t recall if there’s a local on/off switch in the VST UI, but it may be worth checking.

ive contacted modal there trying too help me it is a midi issue.