External synth several midi channels in Cubase

I’m a beginner with external synths so please have some compassion :wink:
I have an Opsix Korg Synth which is connected in USB on my computer.
I put a midi track connecting to it and it’s well working.
But I would like to have several instances of my Synth, with several different sounds… I thought it was possible to swith the midi channel but when I’m on another midi channel than the 1st it doesn’t work…
Is there any solution to have simultaneously more than one midi instance playing different programs ?
Thanks a lot for your help.

Is it a multitimbral synth?

I’m not sure because it’s written nowhere… But I think it’s a monotimbral

Wouldn’t that mean then that you would need 1 korg synth per sound patch?

I don’t think the Opsix is a multitimbral synth unfortunately.

Why? Just record what you need as audio into Cubase. It’s no different to any other monotimbral synth.

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I just meant that to play multiple channels of midi simultaneously, you’d have to have multiple monotimbral synths. Since the OP said they were just starting out I thought that was the most “pedagogical” way to phrase it.

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Thanks for your answers all of you. I think I’ve solved the issue…