External synth stops playing notes

Hello, firt post here, hopefully in the right place…

As I can’t find the answer and I can’t find a setting wich is related to my problem, I need to ask here.
I’m using an external synth (Virus kb). When I put cubase in a loop, for example 2 bars, the sound of the synth would stop playing everythime cubase jumps to the beginning of the loop. So when using a string sound for example, I press the key on my keyboard and hold it down, the sound is played but would stop playing at the beginning of the loop. I guess there is a solution but I don’t know where to look anymore. Is there something I’m overlooking? Need more spec’s?

I’ve had this problem but with my VST synths; I don’t use any external synths at the moment.

Here’s what I suggest and perhaps others will provide some insights.

Start your projects on Measure 3 rather than Measure 1. I don’t know why, but the extra few empty bars seems to help Cubase latch on better. The other thing I do is to shorten the notes by a few clicks. This seems to give the program a little time it seems to need to reset to the top of the loop.

Try changing the settings on your ASIO driver…

It’s a continuing issue for me and I’ve not found any fool-proof solution. Good luck.

Make sure the note on and off (note start and end) are both within the loop. It sounds like the note off is in but the note on isn’t. Although I think Cubase should generate a note on if it jumps into the middle of a note, doesn’t it? Someone who’s at their DAW please try :slight_smile: