External volume ctrl, control room, dynamic

Hi all,

a little bit confused here! :slight_smile:

I’ve two monitoring system on my project studio. One is an Adam a7x and the other BlueSky 5.1 with bass management control. Everything is controlled through the ControlRoom in Cubase7, so i can switch easily between the two monitoring environment.

I’ve heard that when i decrease the volume in the control room ( i didn’t touch the master, so the level are still fix) i decrease the volume output on my soundcard and i loose some dynamic on the monitor. If i use a external analogic volume control i can decrease the volume without touching the levels from the soundcard and i’ll obtain a correct bitrate/dynamic range also if i listen a lower levels.

For my setup i didn’t have this problem with the BlueSky system becouse i can use the BassManagement control, but for the Adam a7x i’m thing to buy a external volume control (such as the SPL).

is that true? is it a good explanation?

Please give me some tips and feedback