Extra divisi staves not showing on first affected system

HI all,

The problem: I have a single-staff instrument that I’ve split into two divisi staves. Later on, I split the instrument into three divisi staves. On the first system where the extra staff should appear, it remains two staves. It displays properly on subsequent staves. There is music on the hidden staff.


I imagine the team will want to see the file, either posted here or emailed privately.

If you already have one set of divisi staves active at the start of a system, that divisi will remain in force for the remainder of the system, even if there is a subsequent change in divisi. This is because Dorico does not currently allow the number of staves to change for divisi mid-way through the system, and it would not be possible for Dorico to automatically fill in any additional staves needed for the later division in the bars prior to the second change. I expect this to change in the future.

So this suggests one would need to set a System Break at the point where the two-staff divisi becomes a three-staff divisi and adjust surrounding system breaks (in both score and parts) to make the result clear and attractive.