Extra dongle safety copy ?

Hello ,

I just received my cubase 8.5 pro licence + dongle etc , installing it tonight
I want to use it at live shows , and am afraid what happens when a dongle gets broken on a show ,
I will carry a complete installed second laptop as safety copy
Can I also buy a second dongle and install my licence keys on it so I can use it immediately , when lets say the laptop falls on the ground and the dongle breaks

Thank you in advance


One license = One Dongle key at a time-> no copying, just moving. Plenty of posts about this in here and plenty of info in the steinberg knowledgebase.
You can buy a second empty Dongle though, which should hold a 24 hour all application license.

If you buy an empty dongle, it will not have a 24 hour license on it. Only products that come with a dongle. However, with a spare dongle, Zero Downtime will save your show.

Well, then as Jaslan says :slight_smile: