Extra Half-Beat Rest Unexpectedly Inserted Into 4/4 Measure

I cannot figure out why Dorico has auto-inserted an unexpected extra half-beat rest in a 4/4 measure. Not only that, but I cannot figure out how to correct the problem. The insertion results in a 4/4 measure having 4-and-a-half beats.
4-4 Measure With Extra Half-Beat Rest.jpg

Removing it should be as easy as setting the caret at the quaver/eighth rest and typing Shift+B -1e Enter.
As to why it’s there, that’s anyone’s guess. It could be a MusicXML import with a mistake in the original, or it could be a mistyping - but it’s hard enough to do that you’d probably remember doing it.

Thanks a bunch. That did it, pianoleo.

Another way to get rid of it: select the extra eighth rest, type Shift+B for the bars popover, type | (pipe) and hit Return to add a barline at that position. Select the rest again and type Shift+B to open the popover, then type -1 and hit Return to delete the extra bar that’s 1/8th in length.

Thanks, Daniel. Two for the price of one!