Extra midi data is played when selecting the instrument track for either Omnisphere or Trillian

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to Cubase but not new to DAWs and I’m learning the workflows in Cubase 11 right now. I am having an issue that I haven’t been able to solve when using Trillian or Omnisphere. EX: If I select the Trillian Instrument Track I hear midi playback no matter if I have midi in that area or not. If I have midi then I hear double midi. It is almost as if it is triggering playback of the midi no matter where it is located in the track. Now, if I select another Instrument track or even the Chord Track then the problem goes away but it makes it very difficult to record and mix with this happening. I attached two images to explain a bit better. Bottom line is if my Trillian/Omnisphere track is selected I’m hearing extra midi data. Thanks so much for the help.

Might be because you’re sending Chord Track data to all monitored tracks?

  • in your upper example, when TRL_Bass is selected, it becomes a monitored track and picks up the midi notes from the chord track.
  • in your lower example, none of the Instrument tracks are selected and therefore none receive notes from the chord track

To prevent that from happening, you can either

  • Mute the Chord Track (not always desirable, though)
  • or Create a midi track that is not connected to any midi output - and tell the Chord Track to send to that track:

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That was it thanks so much for you help on this. I didn’t realize selecting the track made it a monitored track. Your write up was very helpful as I noticed it wasn’t just omnisphere/trillian once I tested it out and did track solos. Thanks again!

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