Extra Midi Out activity showing in Cubase midi meters

I have recently added a new Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S88 to my setup but I am having a somewhat annoying thing going on.
There are two small MIDI activity meters in the lower right-hand corner of the main Cubase page (I am using Pro 9.5 latest update). Everything displayed there is normal when I am playing the keyboard until I release the key for my last note played and then there follow a series of 6 -10 quick flashes/signals/indications (?) in the Outgoing MIDI activity meter. I don’t think anything is not working - its just annoying to look up and see these extra indicators. There is no extra sound or anything and there is nothing extra recorded etc.
Is it some kind of MIDI reset communication from Cubase to the keyboard?
Any light shed on this behaviour would be much appreciated. I would like it to be removed if possible so I am hoping that there is some setting that I have not got right.
It does stop if I connect the S88 via midi cable via midi interface only but is there when the S88 is connected via USB. Also it happens both on a track with an instance of Komplete Kontrol or when the keyboard is in MIDI mode on a non KK track.
Hope someone has an idea what is causing this and can help me with this.
Thanks very much,


The light just indicates Cubase is receiving midi data from somewhere. Probably is some house keeping data that the S88 wants to send (for example might be returning cc values to their defaults). If you want to figure out what the data actually is you can stick a MIDI Monitor Insert on a Track and take a look. But only do that if you are really, really bored. Lot’s of midi equipment sends out bits of data on their own so it might be from something else besides your S88. Just ignore it because it is your hardware and Cubase having a little conversation that does not pertain to you.

Hi Raino
Thanks for your reply.
I must be super bored because I did try putting MIDI Monitor on a track!
However - that showed up nothing out of the ordinary and also, the activity that is showing up is on the MIDI OUT part of the monitoring meter so I am presuming that it is some sort of data that is being sent by Cubase back to the S88 keyboard.
So yes - difficult as it is - I will try to ignore it and presume all is well.
Thanks for your thoughts,