Extra note in key editor

I have a problem when I use key edit. If I shorten a note via object selection with my mouse there is an “extra” note under. Any solution?

Let me quess: You’ve recorded your MIDI with “All MIDI inputs” selected for your track. If so, you may have accidentally recorded everything twice. “All MIDI inputs” should be used with care and only if you know, what you are doing.

“MIDI -> Functions -> Delete Doubles” will help you get rid of them (after selecting them all first)

Where do I stop that?


In Device setup -> MIDI-> MIDI port setup
There’s a check box to indicate whether each MIDI device should be included in “all MIDI inputs” or not.

Your keyboard is probably sending MIDI data on two different ports, i.e. USB A and USB B. Either tell your keyboard to only send it on one of the ports, select a specific port other than ALL MIDI inputs for the input to the VSTi, OR tell Cubase not to include one of them in “ALL MIDI inputs” (Like FunkyDrummer said).

Yes - at last i found out :smiley: