Extra precision for metronome needed

The other day I tried syncing the project tempo to a long audio track. I found that the track needed 103.55 bpm, with either 103.5 or 103.6 getting significantly out of sync near the end of the track. My workaround was to use the metronome at double speed and setting 207.1 bpm.

It would have been great if there was an added digit of precision. Being able to tap the number and manually inputting the exact value would solve this without making any changes to the visible values. I know there’s Cubasis 3, but fwiw, please consider adding this small fix in V2, thanks!

Hi Pitchy,

Thank you for your message.
What happens, if you use time-stretch to slightly change the tempo of the imported track?


Hi Lars, thanks for the response. Time stretch would work of course, with some effort, and now the project will of course no longer be the exact tempo of the original track.

I’m not a coder, but it seems like supporting an extra digit of precision seems like it would be super easy. Allowing us to type in a tempo also seems logical and useful. If not in Cubasis 2, then at least in Cubasis 3 please!