extra sounds come out of nowhere!!!!!

This is very perplexing!!! As I play my keyboard with a VST instrument in Halion One, all of a sudden, extra notes come out of nowhere and record with the notes I am playing. Also, the notes are suddenly out of tune!!! Help!!!
Thank you in advance. You guys and gals know everything. Ken jassiken@yahoo.com

Ensure you are using a dedicated MIDI channel as opposed to “Any MIDI channels” on the VSTi as well as the KBD.

Thank you BriHar, but that did not fix the problem. I was using a MIDI in only through the Audiobox, and I unchecked “all MIDI channels”. There must be something else, or maybe my MIDI setup, or Halion One (I have Cubase 5) has eroded and is no good any more. Ken

Perhaps engage the MIDI filter and filter out system messages etc. See the Op. Man Pg. 127/128
You could also use an app like MIDIOX or the included MIDI Monitor to see what is actually being transmitted if you’re curious.


Some years ago I had a fault with my Roland D50 that was reminiscent of your problem… ok in that case no computer or software involved… but I would imagine that the phantom notes would have also appeared at the MIDI out so try another Midi master if you can

The other obvious thing to try would be to uninstall the music software, then download and run “eusing free registry cleaner” to remove any orphaned bits left lurking before reinstalling it