Extra staves and collisions in Percussion Parts

In Perc 1 part, there is an extra empty single-line staff from measure 39-45. This extra staff does not appear in the “band score.” How to make it disappear?

In Perc 2 part, there is an extra empty 5-line staff measures 272-281. (I tried deleting the whole rests to be sure they were not “real” rests, didn’t help.) This extra blank staff also appears in the band score from measures 271-276. How to make it disappear?

There are occasional collisions which I can fix in Engrave Mode, but is this normal?
(Examples: in the Perc 1 part, rehearsal marks F and G touching the meter, Letter Y colliding with the meter and the measure number, bracket at m39 is colliding with the measure number.)

Here is a link to the score, Thank you!

The two staves showing in the Perc 1 part between bars 39 and 45 are the triangle and suspended cymbal staves. In Perc 2, between 272 and 281, the extra staff is the Vibraphone. I think you can fix this issue by going to Layout Options, and ensuring that you have both ‘Perc 1’ and ‘Perc 2’ selected in the list of layouts on the left-hand side. Go to the Vertical Spacing page, and switch on the option to hide empty staves on all systems, then click Apply and Close.

The placement of bar numbers relative to brackets on single-line staves will be improved in the forthcoming update – it’s not quite right in Dorico 1.1.10.

Done, yay!!! Again, many thanks!