extra staves from XML import

I imported a score for a wind quintet from Sibelius via XML. The result gives the expected five instruments but each instrument has two staves. That is because each instrument in my Sibelius score has a cue line in one movement to provide musical context for the difficulties of that movement. Of course, Dorico does not yet do cues so those staves had only the occasional triplet set of rests. I have deleted all the contents of those staves but how do I remove these extra, now empty, staves. I have tried and only manage to also delete the other staff which has all the music.

As far as that goes, I still haven’t figured out how to hide empty staves.


Go to Setup Mode, select the player, go to its instrument, select the little arrow and change instrument. Even if it’s the same instrument, it will default to a single staff.

Excellent. thanks.