Extra timing position needed for 5. fermata in 4/4

Hi community,

cryptic subject, eh?

I have a 4/4 bar with just 4 quarter notes, each with an fermata on it, and i also need a fermata on the following barline.
How to do it?

PS: What i had done so far, doesn’t look perfect. Added a 2. voice in a random voice, inserted a random note on some last beat, added a fermata on that note and set it to appear on the barline, then muted it and custom scaled it to 0% in properties panel.
The result is OK, but this “hidden” note shows up in the part of the instrument i inserted the fermata, and i have to remember it when producing parts…

I think your best bet for an extra fermata is to create a custom playing technique.

That’s probably the best that can be done for now; alternatively you could consider creating a playing technique that looks like a fermata and using that for one of the four beats in the bar itself, since I assume that at least some of these fermatas should appear only on one or two instruments rather than all of them in the ensemble.

This can actually be done normally.

Input the last fermata on beat 4.5 before entering it on 4. Set that fermata to attach to the barline. Then input the fermata on 4. You can actually input a fermata for each 1024th rhythmic position for all Dorico cares (it doesn’t need to refer to a note, but to a rhythmic position); if there is just a quarter note there, Dorico will display only one fermata because it is clever like that, even though the other(s) is(are) there.

Wow, that’s a great one , thanks!

Yes, this is a more elegant solution. It never ceases to amaze me how many additional options are available using note input mode!