Extract film dialogue using spectralayers one

I’m currently toying with the idea to upgrade to C11 from 10.5 almost exclusively because I like the fact that cubase 11 pro comes bundled with spectralayers one.

But I have a question to existing users - is it possible to extract the dialogue from existing film audio? Effectively removing the backing music and leave just the dialogue and/or FX?

I thought if I could do this I would be able to create some practice scenes with dialogue but no music that I could write cues for?


You can download SpectraLayers Trial and try it by yourself. I’m not 100% sure, you would be able to run SpectraLayers One with Cubase 11 Pro Trial license, therefore I would recommend the SpectraLayers Trial.

But it’s definitely an interesting idea and I cam imagine, it would work.

Please, let us know. Thanks.

Finally got round to trying this and yes it works - I can successfully rip out dialogue and SFX and create a video track without score - so can rescore as I wish…