Extract MIDI notes to MIDI Tracks as a preference setting

To extract a subselection of MIDI notes from a Part you can use the Logical Editor and couple it with a Key Command. So far so good. It works great for MIDI tracks but not that great for Instrument Tracks. For MIDI Tracks the Logical Editor maneuver creates a MIDI Track that points to the same VSTi as the original Track of course. For Instrument Tracks the same maneuver creates a new … Instrument Track! There is an obvious workaround here which is “don’t use Instrument Tracks if you want to extract notes to a MIDI Track!”. Duh!

I oftentimes record a chord progression and extract harmonies and assign them to something other than the original sound. Quick and dirty way to see if I’m on the right path. Today I tried with an instance of HALion 6 with a bunch of slots occupied with an assortment of sound sources. I recorded a part and then I started to extract three selections of MIDI notes before I closed the Key Editor and saw what happened. The entire HALion Instrument Track was copied three times, including all the synths !!!

It’s a new project so it’s not too much in HALion yet, but it will eventually bog down the system if a lot of tracks have MIDI notes extracted and if all new parts have an Insturment Track attached to it, right?

So my feature request is that a preference setting is added to cure this.
Extract MIDI from Logical Editor creates
MIDI Track
Instrument Track

Bonus news at least to me! If you need to you can add angle brackets like [ and ] with an X in to create checkboxes like I happend to do! :sunglasses: