When will this be available please?

You can export Flows and Layouts as separate files. But can I ask why you would want to? One of the great benefits of Dorico is keeping all material for a project within one document, and creating layouts as required.

Hi Jirka.
Could you be more descriptive in your post ? What exactly are you trying to do — pardon me if this sounds candid, but I don’t know what kind of function you are referring to, nor which (old) software did that?
Extracting parts beautifully has been in Dorico since day 1, so I guess you try to do something more elaborate ?

I’m not sure exactly what that dialog is doing, but it looks like extracting a voice from a multi-voice part - that’s already possible (Paste Special/Explode).

Hi Marc
This is TG TOOLS plug ins from Finale software
separates the voices from double voice111


Jirka, it’s easy to filter to select downstem voice (or bottom note of chord), then use alt-M or alt-N to move that voice to a different staff. Then make that staff part of an independent layout.

I need to do it quickly Trumpet 1 and Trumpet 2 part from this!!!
Finale software its very quick for this operation

Dear jirka1,
Do exactly what Dan explained right up there : filter downstem voice or second note in chord… cut and paste in another staff. It might be not as straightforward as with finale (and its plug-ins), but remember that Dorico is not two years old yet, and still much faster for MANY things :wink:

Hi Marc
I understand it and I hope DORICO will be at its best!!!

Hi, jirka1.

Just a little hint for the future: In Finale you put both voices into one staff and extract them in the end to get both players’ individual parts. Dorico works the other way ‘round: You write both players’ notes into their own staves, and when you create the score you pull them together into one staff that is only visible in the conductor’s layout.

I know that doesn’t help much if you for example import an already finished Finale file via XML into Dorico; but if you create something from scratch, this new workflow might be useful.

Ooh, how do you do that? That’s exactly what I need.

Dorico can’t do this yet – Estigy is describing the process by which it will be done, when we have implemented the condensing features we’ve been talking about for years.

:bulb: confess, confess: you must be a beta tester :shushing_face:

You can reduce-paste two voices onto a separate combined staff and hide the individual staves in the score as Estigy suggested, which is not what is ideal or will eventually be available but IIRC can be done now.

Lol, no :smiley:

I’m only describing the process I’m using now:

  • Write each player on his own staff.
  • Create a new “Conductor” layout.
  • Create a “Player 1+2” staff, make it only visible in a new “Conductor” layout.
  • Copy each players notes to this combined staff (you can make use of the “paste into new downstem voice” feature when pasting player 2)

It’s quite straight-forward. Although I’m really looking forward to the time when Dorico will have this workflow implemented, this process is way more stable than the workflow in Finale (which I used to work for quite some time).

So no beta testing or any other kind of deeper insights into the future of Dorico, I’m sorry :wink:

yes Estigy, we are all very much looking forward to this. It would almost make the perfect Christmas gift :wink:
… and after two days of workarounds and faking I am extremely looking forward to Figured Bass arriving at Doricos front door…

If Estigy were a beta tester, of course, he wouldn’t be allowed to say as much, because Steinberg has a fairly standard Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Dear k_b,
After 30 pages of figured bass work, I must say that I’m waiting for that figured bass implementation as well ! But I think I’ll pass on new projects like this until this proper implementation is there, because… workarounds are nice, but lack of fun!

hear, hear… pianoleo you know a lot :wink: