Extract Rhythm?

I wonder if Team Dorico has looked at the possibility of an “Extract Rhythm” and Paste Rhythm command. Say I’ve inputted a large sequence where a group of instruments are aligned rhythmically. Say I want to keep what they are doing harmonically but want to adjust the rhythms for the entire group. I’d love to be able input the new rhythm into just one instrument and then copy just the rhythm and apply it to the other instruments.

Any thoughts?


I can’t speak to this feature, but there are a few features that might be helpful in the interim.

First, if the chord changes are happening in the same places in all the voices at the same time, you could simply enter them as simple note values first (ex. quarter notes) or whatever the harmonic rhythm is, and then press ENTER to display the caret, shift-down to extend the caret across all of the voices, then move left and right with the arrow keys and press U to slice the long note values into two notes where you want them. For instance I can do that to split a quarter into two notes like a dotted eighth followed by a sixteenth etc.

The other functions that can be helpful across multiple staves like that are the horizontal shift and shorten/lengthen functions. For instance, you can select many notes vertically and then using the CTRL-ALT-rightarrow or CTRL-ALT-leftarrow to shift the notes horizontally and SHIFT-ALT-rightarrow to lengthen them (the same with left arrow to shorten them). I use Windows so those keys are obviously slightly different on MacOS.

Although the feature you suggest would make this even easier, through a combination of those two things you might be able to get the desired rhythm in all the voices more quickly vs. having to enter it in each one individually.

PS. Are you Ed Shearmur the film composer? If so, your Sky Captain soundtrack is one of my all-time favourites.

Another poster recently asked about pasting rhythms onto existing melodic material. At the moment there’s no dedicated feature for this, but it’s something we will consider for future versions.

(And yes, it is indeed Ed Shearmur the composer of “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow”!)