Extract some midi and a tempo track from cpr file?

Hi there,

Recently my HDrive on my Windows 7 laptop died.
I was running cubase 5. My other software and hardwares are not compatible with my second PC on windows 8.1
(I was much overdue an upgrade to all my recording stuff but postponed it being a broke student)

Unfortunately, - while I backed up the project folders in time, these don’t have the midi edits anywhere except within the .cpr file itself. As I no longer have a working copy of cubase, would anyone be willing to open 2 .cpr files for me and export the drum MIDI tracks and send them to me? Your internet kindness would be much appreciated.

Its literally a 30 second job for each project file.
They are all personal files/ band projects I am involved with personally.

If there’s another solution I’m overlooking it be great to hear them.