Extract sound from preset - not working


If I make an instrument track and then go to the inspector and click “extract sound from preset” and select a preset, Cubase loads up the VST from the preset but it is disabled. If I then enable it, it won’t make any sound. I can see from within the VST instrument’s UI that it is outputting sound via the meters inside the VST instrument’s window but it neither visually or audibly outputs any audio to the instrument track’s fader. An odd workaround seems to be if I duplicate the track the duplicated version works as you would expect.

Am I missing something or is this feature just not working correctly?


You are probably missing something, as it is working, here. I wouldn’t add “as expected” as I don’t expect anything from this feature : being able to load another VSTi with the same trackpreset still active is beyond me…

This said, and using it, I get both the involved VSTi UI display and the expected sound in Cubase. So, the first thing I would check is the MIDI channel used, the second one being the output routing of your instrument track in the MixConsole.