Extract track automation to MIDI part

Hello Cubase community!

I know it’s possible to “Extract CC Automation” to move automation data from a MIDI Part to the Track.

Is it possible to do the reverse? To extract track-based automation and move it to the MIDI Part?


You can kinda, if you use MIDI > Merge MIDI in Loop.


That function will render all MIDI inserts and CC Data that appears as track automation into a MIDI clip.

However, the track automation has to be MIDI CC. Or else, it is not written as CC Data.

i.e. An example of how to create MIDI CC Automation lanes:

  1. Click on an automation lane to change it’s assignment, and choose ‘More’

  2. Go to MIDI Channel > All CC, and select the CC value you want to track automate.

Hopefully it is MIDI CC automation that you need to convert. If it’s not, this may get you on a path to find out what you need to do?

Don’t forget that Cubase tracks can be set to “Edit in place” also, whereby the MIDI data is available for editing in the timeline itself, this is quite handy as it sits in line with the track automation:

Thanks for your help @skijumptoes !