Extracting Added Text Fields/Frames from a Title Page

@dspreadbury , @Lillie_Harris
I have gotten myself into a fix. I need to extract the Table of Contents from a Title Page Template for a Tabloid sized page. I sense the text frame info I want is underneath the Page Template Frames, but I cannot move or change the size of the template frames without removing overrides on the page, which erases the text field I want to extract.

Is there any substitute for having to retype everything to transfer this information in a new format to a smaller letter-sized page for a Piano/Vocal score?

princessGeorgie230420 - TitlePagesLayout (full score) - Ranges.dorico (956.0 KB)

So you’ve got a combination of page templates and local page overrides? Ie not all information is saved on the page templates, some frames are coming from the page templates, but others are only local?

You’ll need to replicate the local page override info on the page templates, which you can then use in other layouts and on different page sizes. Make sure the frame constraints are set correctly so they’ll transfer neatly to another page size.

(PS I know it can be frustrating to be in this position, but it’s perhaps a reminder that however easy it can be to just edit directly on pages, it really is worth getting in the habit of doing this sort of work on a page template. I basically always do, even in choral music where I’m only ever going to have one layout anyway – you never know when someone might ask for an alternative version and you want to keep it all in one project.)

(PPS The team is aware of the desire to be able to “promote local overrides to page template”.)

I guess my question is why I cannot access the local page info on the local page itself. I think I must have been able to at some point in the past, since the original table of contents did not split into two volumes until after the printer suggested doing so.

Do you mean when you double-click the text on p1, for example? That’s simply because you have a full-page text frame to provide the borders, so double-clicking enters that text frame.

Try activating Frames in the Engrave toolbox, selecting the frame whose contents you want to edit, then pressing Return. See also:

That is the answer I needed: pressing the RETURN key.

I wish I could remember the different terms I typed to search the manual, probably something like “negotiating frames” and any similar wordings I could imagine, but sadly, I no longer recall any precise search terms I used.

Many thanks, Lillie.